Wedding Dress Storage Boxes (enjoy a current saving of up to 46%!)

One of the most treasured items of clothing a woman can own is her wedding dress. It has usually cost a lot of money, it’s a reminder of one of the most important days of your life and perhaps if you store it correctly, it can be used in future for your daughter’s big day too, and then it becomes a real family treasure. So how do you care for and store your wedding dress?bridal gown box

Firstly, make sure you care for it properly before you store it! A wedding dress can be very heavy, and an ordinary hanger isn’t suitable for hanging such a garment… to avoid it tearing around the hanger make sure you use the loops often sewn into the dress to hang it from, make sure you use a strong hanger and ideally use a padded hanger to avoid catching any fabric.

When storing your wedding dress, firstly have the dress cleaned by a dry cleaner which specialises in cleaning wedding dresses and take care of any necessary repairs. To avoid residual dry cleaning chemicals causing damage hang the dress for several days before storing it. Ideally use a Bridal Gown Box and wrap it with white acid-free tissue paper (don’t wrap the dress in coloured tissue paper!) Don’t store the dress in the attic or basement (all sorts of disasters such as a leaking roof, damp and insects can affect the dress in the attic or basement, even if it is well protected) and you want somewhere dry and cool so temperature and humidity don’t cause problems too.

This Wedding Dress Storage Box is the perfect answer and will provide a long-term solution for your cherished Wedding Dress.  It is canvassed covered board with foam padding and satin lined with a carrying handle and well fitting lid and is made of ph neutral materials.

It is delivered flat packed, and can be easily assembled by pressing the popper studs together. (This is also a luxury storage item for other garments, perhaps for baby clothes that you wish to keep as keep-sakes, items of sentimental storage or special occasion clothes.) Length = 75 cms  Width = 50 cms  Height = 32 cms

cloth bag to store wedding dressThere is currently an amazing 46% OFF this item, plus it comes with a FREE Peva Bridal Gown Cover.

Other savings can also be made with the Pack of 2 Full Length Polycotton Wedding Gown Covers – currently with a 36% saving. These deluxe polycotton mix are designed for long term storage, are extra long and will provide excellent protection from Moths too. They are available in packs of 1 or 2.

It’s easy to ensure the long term care of garments such as your wedding dress with these simple steps. I personally have the memory of my Mother telling me that I could have worn hers for my wedding if she had remembered to pick it up from the dry cleaners! If unlike my Mother you do remember to collect it from the dry cleaners and you do store it properly, it can become a family treasure and memorable keepsake for you and yours too!

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