Top five favourite products from Jonathan

Some producsts become real favourties with us as well as you… check out the video to see them in action:

and here’s a run down of these top five! :

1. Dishmatic Washing Up Liquid Dispenser

Why? Because you simply fill the handle with your favourite washing up liquid, close the cap & you are ready to clean! It’s so easy. The Dishmatic is ideal because you can get replacement heads which means whether you want non-scratch or extra heavy duty you can get it all in this one dispenser – think of it as a fillable dishwand! And even pans  are no challenge when you use the Extra Heavy Duty Refill. So you can protect your hands, save time, have one dispenser for all washing up jobs with the refills, and it’s made in England.dishmatique replacement heads

Refill Heads available:

2. Bathmatic Bathroom Cleaning Sponge with Extendable Handle to 18″.

Why? Because it extends up to 47cm ( 18″ ) to reach almost anywhere in the bathroom and can be used in the folded or extended positions. The sponge can be removed for hand held use and has a non-scratch surface for lifting & removing dirt. It features a synthetic chamois surface for drying & polishing without smears and refill sponges are available. And because like Dishmatic it’s made in the UK.bathmatic cleaning brush

So cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be about dry hands and backache! (and this product proves it!)

3. Mini and Large St Tropez Bags

Why? Because it’s holiday time and if you’re going to the beach, pool or on a boat these keep all your valuables safe.

Waterproof Beach BagMobile phones, money and other small items can be held safely in the Carrylock Wearable WaterProof Pouch, while the large St Tropez Bag is ideal for your larger items such as make up, purse, wallet, anything else you need for the day.

It’s Waterproof and Sandproof so you can enjoy your time on the beach without worrying about your valuables!

4. Pack of 3 Wrap Charger Cable TidysMobile Phone Cable Tidy

Why? Simple and very useful product designed to keep all those chargers neat & tidy. For use with Mobile Phones, Cameras, Games & more. Put an end to drawers full of tangled up cables. It comes in a pack of 3 assorted colours. It’s British design at its best!

Strawberry ironing cover5. Strawberries Design Ironing Board Cover

Why? Because when you’re doing the ironing you want something fun to look at!!! This is excellen quality, manufactured in the UK. The thick foam backing gives a better finish and with various sizes to fit most Ironing Boards. See previous blogs on ironing and laundry helpers: Iron Away Your Problems!

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