New balls please! Shoe Fresheners that work

Now that we are having some well deserved good weather you may find certain people in your house have started wearing their trainers more and some people – who shall remain nameless – wear them with no socks – you know who you are!! But unfortunately shoes do smell and trainers can be the worst for this. So how to remove the offending smell? Shoe and Trainer Freshener Balls.shoe fresheners

Shoe and Trainer balls aren’t like any other air fresheners. They’re smaller, tougher and rounder. Why? That’s because they have to work in nasty little places where other air fresheners don’t fit. They are the only air fresheners that can nuke the smelly sweaty stuff out of a trainer, gym bag or locker!

But it doesn’t end there – you can put these handy little balls in cars, in the baby changer bag, in your golf shoes, even in the W.C. instead of risking suffocating from the spray of air freshener! Very small and very useful!

Want the lovely smell of cedar in your shoes? Cedar Shoe Fresh Inserts come in a pack of 2. Ideal for all types of footwear, these Cedar Shoe Fresh Inserts keep shoes fresh and dry naturally and smelling fragrant. Cedar absorbs moisture and deodorises and refreshes with the forest-fresh aroma of cedar. Excellent quality, made by Woodlore.cedar shoe trees uk

Yet another solution to keeping your shoes fresh & odour free are Colibri Shoe Fresh Sachets.

A pair of sachets to keep your shoes fresh & odour free. Use Colibri Fresh Shoes overnight, or when in storage during off season to keep them fresh & odour free. Colibri Fresh Shoes are also effective against mildew odours when nshoes are stored in damp conditions. They are effective for about 3 months. The natural essences contain: tea tree, veviter, peppermint, lemongrass, neem & other natural oils in a fine sandalwood base.

Brilliant – no more nasty shoe smell!

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