Cleaning Irons, Ironing Pad and more help with all that ironing!

As we get so many enquiries about ironing products I wanted to share some more advice and answer questions we are asked. I’ve already gone through the best way to iron those shirts and blouses, but what about when fabric goes shiny when ironed? There are two solutions to this problem – using either an Ironing Pad & / or Ironing Cloth.Ironing pad

Ironing Pads easily clip onto the base of most irons & will give a really smooth finish as well as protecting your garments.

The Ironing Cloth is a specially coated polyester mesh that lets the heat & steam pass through the cloth into the garment but prevents the material going shiny as the iron is no longer in direct contact with the material.  This will protect your delicate garments whilst being ironed & prolong the life of your clothes, and is made of a heat resistant polyester fabric. 45 x 30 cms ( 17 3/4 ” x 11 3/4 ” ).

How to clean an iron? So next the iron itself. Is your iron up to the task? In order to maintain & protect your steam iron use an Iron Cleaner by wiping off those Scorch, Starch & Burn marks from the plate of your iron.iron cleaning

The Vilene ironing cleaning stick can be used with most irons but it is not recommended for use with a non-stick or coated surface. Turn the irong setting to warm and place the iron in rest position. When the iron is warm rub the sole plate lightly with the Vilene Iron Cleaner. Then wipe the iron immediately with an absorbent clean dry cloth.  Clear steam vents with a few spurts of steam and wipe dry. Avoid inhaling any fumes – do not use with a Hot iron.

Don’t forget to descale your iron also for optimum performance. The Kilrock Descalene Descaler for Washing Machines & Dishwashers is a powerful multi purpose descaler, ideal for descaling larger appliances and is suitable for irons, kettles, coffee machines & shower heads. In a pack of 2 x 50g doses, it’s both safe & easy to use.

So now there’s no excuse to not get going on that ironing!

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