Discount Voucher Codes and other Promotions… Make Some Money!

We have more and more great voucher codes, discounts and promotions which we are offering to our valued customers. The idea of offers such as Voucher

Wedding Dress Storage Boxes (enjoy a current saving of up to 46%!)

One of the most treasured items of clothing a woman can own is her wedding dress. It has usually cost a lot of money, it's a reminder of one of the mo

The Modern Bra Turns 100 This Year… how to make yours more effective with new Bra Angel products!

The Modern Bra Turns 100 This Year, so with that in mind (plus with the Bra Angel Range being so popular!) I wanted to let you know about some great n

How To Get Rid of Moths!

If like many others at this time of year you are suffering from problems with Moths and asking yourself 'how do i get rid of moths?!!!!' then this vid

Ironing Board Covers With A Difference!

Normally I don't get too excited about buying certain things... items that we all need for day to day use and as a result can seem a bit mundane. Well

Fancy a nice cup of tea?

Whether you go for green tea, builders tea, earl grey, iced tea... whether in the morning, for high tea or at a tea party!... no matter if it's from a

Missing Wimbledon? Try Our Strawberries & Cream!

Ok, so perhaps we don't have Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams but like Wimbledon we do have Strawberries & Cream. Indeed our recent product - th

Top five favourite products from Jonathan

Some producsts become real favourties with us as well as you... check out the video to see them in action: and here's a run down of these top f

New balls please! Shoe Fresheners that work

Now that we are having some well deserved good weather you may find certain people in your house have started wearing their trainers more and some

Cleaning Irons, Ironing Pad and more help with all that ironing!

As we get so many enquiries about ironing products I wanted to share some more advice and answer questions we are asked. I've already gone through the