Time to get out the BBQ?!

Is Summer finally here? Let’s hope so, but even when the sun is selectively appearing and disappearing BBQs are usually on the agenda for many people. It’s true that if you don’t start making the most of the current good weather and having them soon you may miss out completely! So all you BBQers out there here are some tips and helpers to keep you going.BBQ basket

Many people keep to what they know – sausages, burgers, chicken… and perhaps even a potato!! For all these people the Quickachips Oven Proof Basket is not only great for preventing soggy food in your oven, but also great for BBQs because it gives you control over your cooking: no more losing kebabs, sausages or vegetarian food to the coals! It’s also freezer & dishwasher safe, so cleaning won’t be a dreaded job! Don’t forget when cooking chicken to leave the skin on when possible because it will keep it moist, and if cooking steak do the same as you would in oven – leave it to rest for 10mins or so before serving. Also remember to brush your meat with olive oil before placing on the  BBQ to prevent it from sticking.

For the slightly more adventurous why not try some fish on there too? I’m not a huge fan of fish cooked in the oven, but on the BBQ it takes on the lovely smokey taste which is what we all love. Monkfish and tuna are good to start with because they are quite meaty and hold together very well. Cook them in oiled tin foil with herbs. The same for vegetables – not everyone wants large amounts of meat just because it’s a BBQ and potatoes, peppers and other veg are delicious when cooked in oil with herbs wrapped in foil (par boil the potatoes first). Want a different type of salad to go with it? Just open up a tin of mixed pules/beans and mix with some pre-bought salsa, sweetcorn, peppers, onion (I also add cucumber) for a lovely salsa salad that’s super easy to make and goes brilliantly with red meat.

Extra Heavy Duty Scourer RefillDreading cleaning it all at the end? This doesn’t have to be such a horrible job because the Dishmatic Steel Scourer is ideal for cleaning BBQ’s, Grills, Hot Plates, Steel Pots, Pans and more! With refills available this fillable wand dispenses liquid through a long lasting knitted mesh of high grade stainless steel. It protects hands and saves time.

If you want your BBQ to last through many Summers to come make sure you cover it when not in use to protect it from rain, dew & dust and prevents rusting so prolonging the life of your barbecue.

BBQ CoverThis BBQ Cover is ideal for summer use, overnight cover or winter storage. It has brass eyelets for secure & easy fixing, tie cords, a waterproof laminated finish and is U.V. treated for extra long life.

Perhaps all those BBQs are making you think your garden could use a bit of tlc too, so later I’ll be going through some great products to help you care for your garden area also. Enjoy!

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