Strawberries & Cream!

ironing coverLater in the week I’ll be going through some tips for making the chore of ironing more enjoyable, but in the spirit of Wimbledon I  wanted to let you know about a lovely new design in the Ironing Board Cover Range. My favourite – the New STRAWBERRIES Design 100% Cotton Ironing Board Cover. Available as Elasticated, Standard, Extra Large and Jumbo – something to fit every board!

We all have our own solutions for doing the ironing and I find the job much more enjoyable when using a fun cover!

With my Strawberries cover and other ironing tools I’m taking a tip from my Father and doing my ironing in front of Wimbledon! All that’s left to do is admire a perfectly ironed garment and another perfect Wimledon!

Keep an eye out for more tips on ironing coming soon!

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