Environmentally Friendly Eco Products New Range

We have a new range of Environmentally Friendly Eco Products which we are very excited about! It includes recycled clothes hangers, recycling bags, bag grips, cleaning spongers, dusters, multi purpose cloths, clothes line, peg basket and pegs! Let me tell you about some of them….

recycled bag gripsFor the kitchen why not try the Ecoforce Recycled Bag Grips – very easy to use, freezer safe and has the added benefit of reducing your food waste! For tough cleaning the Ecoforce Recycled Heavy Duty Kitchen Scourer Pads are ideal.

Made from 100% recycled fibre they wipe & scour and can be used wet with your favourite washing up liquid or cleaner. They are also available as Non-Scratch and there is a Super Absorbent Sponge Scourer for bathroom cleaning.recycled scourers

The Recycled Black Hangers come as Suit Hanger, Trouser Hanger, Notched Shirt Hanger all with a chrome swivel hook, plus the 30cm wide Strong Clip Hanger – ideal for hanging Lingerie, Skirts & Trousers.

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