Descale your home!

Many of us forget to descale our appliances – especially the kettle which if you live in a hard water area (like me!) seems to need doing frequently. The problem is you only remember it needs descaling once the limescale has already formed.

kettle descalerWhich is why the Easy-Do Hobcare Kettle Descaler is so useful. Suitable for All Stainless Steel & Plastic Kettles, this simple but effective stainless steel mesh will inhibit new scale formation, not only extending the life of the kettle, but saving energy too!

But scale isn’t just a problem with the kettle. It can form in your iron, dishwasher, washing machine, coffee machine, shower head – anywhere that comes into contact with water.multi purpose descaler

Kilrock Descalene Descaler is a powerful multi purpose descaler, ideal for Washing Machines & Dishwashers (and other larger appliances), but also suitable for kettles, irons, coffee machines & shower heads. The pack contains 2 x 50g doses and is safe & easy to use.

Of course liquid descalers can’t be applied eveywhere. For more awkward areas, such as vertical areas you will need a gel application to really get to the problem. This Gel Thick Non-Drip Descaler will dissolve limescale stains on Baths, Taps & Showers.

Thick Non Drip DescalerWith a unique brush – on gel descaler ( brush in cap ) it works where a liquid won’t work. It sticks to vertical surfaces and is ideal for bath stains, shower heads & around taps etc.

Prevention may be better than cure, but with these tough and versatile descalers every home can become scale free!

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