Bra Angel Deodorant coming soon! Pre-order today…

If like many others, you have already purchased a Bra Angel Instant Bra Repair Kit (see review below):

Fabulous! I would normally just throw the bra away when the wire pokes out but a beautiful bra is saved, not to mention the money saved not having to buy a new bra and matching pants! My husband is thrilled! Value for money, Prompt, efficient service and a very easy to use product. Highly recommended.

…and seen how brilliant it is, you may also be interested to hear about other Bra Angel products, including the Bra Angel Crystal Deodorant Stick which you can now pre-order.Bra Angel Deodorant

This fantastic new product from The Bra Angel is a Cooling Crystal in a handy to use stick, which is small enough to keep with you at all times. This deoderant is ideal for sensitive skins being made from 100% natural products and is un-scented. Use straight after a shower or bath, to keep you feeling fresh and odour free all day!

The Crystal Deodorant Stick has been specifically designed to be used on any part of your body, and is 100% safe to be used on around and under your breast area. So if you suffer, like many women, with sweat under and around your breasts then this product is for you.

  • A crystal deodorant that comes in an easy to use stick
  • 100% natural products
  • Un-scented and senitive on your skin
  • Can be used on any part of your body
  • No harmful chemicals

You can now also make your bras work even harder by converting your favourite bra into a customised cross-back style bra instantly with Bra Angel Bra Convertor Clips.

This fantastically simple product allows you to wear your favourite bra with practically any top you like! The Bra Clip simply takes your straps and pulls them together at the back, giving you an instant bust lift and better posture whilst at the same time hiding those unsightly straps. The pack includes 4 clips, 2 clear and 2 brown which are supplied in two sizes, so you will always have the right size clip for you. The clips are flexible, so you won’t even know you’re wearing them, leaving you to look fantastic in that razor back top!

For even more confidence the Bra Angel Fashion Tape is a must! These double stick strips allow you to wear the clothes you want without showing what you don’t! Bra Angel double stick strips are no less than 3M medical grade double sided strips with a cracked back for ease of use.

To use simply apply the tape to your skin, then peel back and stick down the garment you want to keep in place. It’s as simple as that! Plus there are many uses for our tape from holding in place your:

  • Tops
  • Gaping Blouses
  • Shoe Straps
  • Emergency Hem Tape
  • Temporary Body Jewellery
  • Lapels and much more

With more products being added to the Bra Angel range soon, keep checking for more updates on this very popular and growing range! View the current Bra Angel range.

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