Strawberries & Cream!

Later in the week I'll be going through some tips for making the chore of ironing more enjoyable, but in the spirit of Wimbledon I  wanted to let you

Iron away your problems!

Therapeutic or chore? Ironing is one of those household jobs that is a REAL chore to some and quite therapeutic to others. My Father still insists on

The Mothman Prophecy: Get rid of moths

If you have a problem with moths (or getting your hubbie - or wife! - to stop hoarding) you may be interested to read the following... Have you got

Huggable Hangers Back in Stock! (with new additions!)

We know how popular these brilliant hangers are because you keep telling us how much you like them! So you'll be glad to know they are back in stock a

Garden Care Ideas UK

If you read my recent article about BBQs (tips and products to help you create the perfect BBQ), you'll be ready to find out about some of the most po

Descale your home!

Many of us forget to descale our appliances - especially the kettle which if you live in a hard water area (like me!) seems to need doing frequently.

Time to get out the BBQ?!

Is Summer finally here? Let's hope so, but even when the sun is selectively appearing and disappearing BBQs are usually on the agenda for many people.

They’re here! Dishmatic Scourer Refills for the Dishmatic Scourer Washing up Liquid Dispenser

I recently mentioned the brilliant new Dishmatic Washing Up Liquid Dispenser. You simply fill the handle with your favourite washing up liquid, close

Bra Angel Deodorant coming soon! Pre-order today…

If like many others, you have already purchased a Bra Angel Instant Bra Repair Kit (see review below): Fabulous! I would normally just throw the bra

Environmentally Friendly Eco Products New Range

We have a new range of Environmentally Friendly Eco Products which we are very excited about! It includes recycled clothes hangers, recycling bags, ba