Update from yesterday – an additional benefit to Toastabags for all you coeliacs!

I’ve recently been talking about the excellent Toastabags, plus giving out a few quick and easy recipes brought to you by food writers and authors of The Jewish Princess, Georgie Tarn and Tracey Fine. But I wanted to share with you a benefit I hadn’t previously thought of.toastabags

Being such a fan of this product I mentioned it to my sister, who told me she had recently started using them herself but for a different reason. Being a coeliac (allergic to gluten) she can’t use the family toaster for her gluten free bread (or anyone’s toaster when staying away from home), because of the risk of getting gluten from the crumbs already in the toaster. Problem solved with the Toastabag. Previously she had to use a tray covered in tin foil under the grill simply to have a piece of toast in the morning. Now she uses the Toastabags in the toaster and takes it away with her! So much for telling my sister about Toastabags (older sisters always know best!)

To see the benefits of them yourselves check out the following great recipes and see them in action on our site and YouTube

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