Look who’s cooking… quick recipes for all the family

Getting bored of your usual snacks? Need an easy way to get your kids to eat some breakfast that isn’t full of sugar? Want to be able to make a quick and nutritious snack? If you haven’t already tried them, Toastabags are the solution to these and many other food problems. Toastabags

Toasted sandwiches are great for a bit of variety (and lets face it they do taste nicer when toasted) but they can be messy, often meaning cleaning out a sandwich toaster when done – not very quick or easy. With Toastabags this isn’t a problem because they fit into your toaster… you don’t even get any of the crumbs that you do when making toast!

This brilliant invention came to fame when featured on Dragons’ Den and are so popular because they are quick – about 3 minutes, clean – no mess in your toaster or toaster oven and convenient – simply pop the bag into the toaster and wait.

Not just for sandwiches either – you can use Toastabags to heat up pastries, pizza slices, chicken nuggets & more! They are perfect for kids after school snacks!

Gold ToastabagToastabags have been designed primarily for use in variable width slot type toasters. When using a standard non-variable toaster, toasted sandwiches may need to be made with thinner bread & it may be necessary to compress the sandwich after putting it in the bag.

Available as the Original Toastabag which can be reused up to 300 times, the Gold Reusable Toastabag which can be reused 100 times and perfect for kids the Wallace & Gromit Reusable Toastabag which includes a stamp to put the Wallace & Gromit logo onto the sandwich. Each one contains 2 per pack.

With so many different ideas for recipes I thought you might like to hear some of the best to get you inspired… and who better to tell you than Food Writers Georgie Tarn and Tracey Fine, the authors of The Jewish Princess Cookbook, Having Your Cake and Eating It, The Jewish Princess Feasts & Festivals with Family and Friends and  the ‘Must Have’ lifestyle guide The Jewish Princess Guide to Fabuosity. They are regular food columnists for the Jewish Chronicle and regularly appear on UKTV Food, Market Kitchen and The UK Kitchen. Let’s start with their brilliantly simple and tasty Italian Stuff-a-Your-Face Sandwich Recipe!

What ingredients you will need:

Santini Tomatoes (or similar)
Black Olives (chopped)
Mozzarella (grated)
Fresh Basil (chopped)
Green Pesto
2 thin slices of bread

Don’t limit yourself to either white or brown bread – why not get the best of both by mixing them and have one of each? Start by evenly spreading your pesto onto one slice of the bread. A quick trick is to roll your basil and then slice it before thinly sprinkling over the pesto.  Add to that the grated mozzarella cheese, which will melt when in the toaster. Add some colour with the black olives and sliced tomatoes.

The olives can be bought pitted so avoiding the need to remove the stones and finish off with some black pepper to give it a bit of a kick. All that’s left to do is press firmly down on the sandwich and pop into the Toastabag.  Put it into your toaster for about 3 minutes – remember that every toaster may require slightly different times. Allow to cool and then slice and enjoy!

The Italian tricolour brought straight to your kitchen in one tasty sandwich! Colourful, delicious and good for you! More recipes coming later this week, such as a taste of Asia in a sandwich and sandwich tips for getting your kids to eat something before leaving the house!

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