Is Summer finally here?

I know we can get a bit carried away sometimes when the weather suddently perks up and we all think it’s Summer, but who can blame us with our recent weather? What matters is that for the moment it’s hot, hot, hot. So, if you’re a glass is half empty person you’ll be thinking about problems with the insects!!!! If you’re a glass is half full person you’ll be thinking about BBQs (and should keep an eye out for our tips next week)… and whichever you are there’s a chance you’ll be thinking about your holidays!wasp zappers

To resolve your problems with the insects because of this weather check out our Insect and Pest Control Products. We’ve recently added some brilliant products such as the Window Fly Stickers which attract & kill the flies with the added benefit of no pesticides or odour. Each pack contains 4 individual Fly Traps which are attractive yet practical. They are easy to apply & remove and effective for up to 3 months. They are just part of our extensive insect & pest control range – see the whole range here: Insect & Pest Control Products.

bbq bagsSome people will no doubt have had a BBQ already, but for the no mess BBQ the Quickachips – Oven Proof Chip Basket is great for controlling your cooking: no more losing kebabs to the coals… and Dad will love them especially when it comes to cleaning it! I’ll run through some great BBQ Tips next week, because with a bit of luck the BBQ weather may be here (or come back soon!)

For anyone thinking of their holidays, because lets face it the sunny weather does do that, have a read through my Holiday Tips blogs (How To Pack A Suitcase, Essential Holiday Items for your journey) to make sure you avoid any problems with packing and travelling. Also check out our Travel Accessories Range to make sure you have everything you need – you’ll have to remember your toothbrush though!

wasp zappers

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