Wasp Zappers and more!

Anyone who has been out enjoying the sunshine will realise that wasps (and many other insects) are out and about too!  There are many ways to deal wi

Is Summer finally here?

I know we can get a bit carried away sometimes when the weather suddently perks up and we all think it's Summer, but who can blame us with our recent

BRAND NEW: Unique Spacesaving Heavy Duty Garment Rail with Shelves – exclusive to Caraselle

Most people need more of it, we never seem to have enough and getting it can be difficult. What am I talking about? SPACE!! Space for hanging your

Haberdashery supplies which you always need (such as hemming tape!)

Finding a local haberdashery isn't always easy and with fewer haberdashery departments in larger stores you may be struggling to find some products th

Garment Rail Builder Update plus Special Offer on Pink Rail!

I recently mentioned that we now have a brilliant facility enabling you to design your own Clothes Rail. We already have an extensive range of rails a

Going green? Go camping!

In the spirit of my previous ‘green’ articles I wanted to include in this topic one of the most important and enjoyable activities in peoples live

Update from yesterday – an additional benefit to Toastabags for all you coeliacs!

I’ve recently been talking about the excellent Toastabags, plus giving out a few quick and easy recipes brought to you by food writers and authors o

How to get your child to eat breakfast (it’s all in the bag!)

Getting your kids to eat something that’s good for them can be tricky. Indeed getting them to eat anything at all can be difficult. It’s bad enoug

Build Your Own Clothes Rail! We’ve made it easy…

There are certain products that are often quite limited in choice. Let’s take Garment Rails for example. Finding the exact rail to suit you can be h

A taste of Asia from your Toastabag!

Following on from my earlier write up about the brilliant Toastabags, I’ve got another fantastic recipe brought to you by Georgie and Tracey, author