Underwear Washing Bags just got larger!… because we’re listening to you!

Underwear Washing Bags are always popular, but one product that is a real best seller is the Lingerie Zipped Net Washing Bag for Bras. Absolutely brilliant if you are tired of hand washing your bras but want to keep them in shape!

Underwear Washing Bag

Underwear Washing Bags

They have special padding to protect underwired bras and prevent snagging with other garments in the washing machine.

The special material used to make the bag also helps prevent the possibility of the hooks on the bra snagging other items whilst in the wash, and the bag is zipped so the bra will stay in it in the wash.

Simply leave to dry naturally in a warm airy place (we do not recommend that bras are tumble dried as they may shrink.)

However, we have been listening to your comments about this very popular product…

“These bags are great. My son is a goalkeeper and I use them for his gloves when I rinse them in the machine. Can only get 1 pair in each. They could be bigger. I have trouble getting 1 bra in”

“I really like these bags. Just the thing. However I do wish they were a little bigger. Are the bags really only intended for one bra at a time? If so that could get quite expensive as I tend to have quite a few bras which I would like to wash at the same time. I just managed to fit two in so a little extra space would be good. Thanks though for a good and reasonably priced item.”

Bra Net Wash Bag…and as a result we now have 2 extra sizes of Bra Wash Bags. One to accommodate bras sizes DD up to FF and another for FF up to HH. For more Bra Care Products – including the brilliant Bra Angel Instant Bra Repair Kit and our full range of Net Washing Bags see the site.

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