So you want to be a Masterchef?!

Like many others I’m already missing Masterchef – even when making beans on toast for my children I feel as though I have to do it well to get through to the next round! Ok… so we can’t all be on Masterchef, but there are some items in the kitchen which may make you feel a bit more like a cook and certainly some tools are very useful for saving time and making real life cooking a bit easier.

Vegetable Cleaning BrushGoing back to basics, start with good quality tools. I remember my grandmother using an old style vegetable brush and today such items can be hard to find. These Vegetable Cleaning Brushes not only do the job, but they look the part. With a white wooden stock & Green, Red or Yellow Bristles, they are ideal for cleaning vegetables.

Pastry BrushThey have a well-made and comfortable wooden handle brush with stiff bristles and are made in England. Granny would approve! No doubt she would also approve of using a good quality Pastry Brush… this essential kitchen item is used frequently so you want one that will last a long time, such as this 7″ Pastry Brush with Wooden Handle and Pure Bristles. The handle is excellent quality and is easy to use and clean.

Dragons Den ToastabagsFor a few additions to the more modern kitchen Toastabags are brilliant invention, featured on Dragons Den. They toast sandwiches and snacks in your toaster with no mess! The Gold Reusable Toastabags can be reused up to 100 times and they are Quick, Clean & Convenient. Use them to make a wide variety of toasted sandwiches or to heat up pastries, pizza slices, chicken nuggets & more! Perfect for kids after school snacks!

Another Dragons Den invention, which every modern kitchen would benefit from, are Quickachips. These oven proof chip baskets will give superb tasting oven chips in superquick time. They allow air to circulate ensuring all round crisp chips every time!

Placed directly on the oven shelf the Quickachip basket allows hot air to circulate to give your oven chips, garlic bread & pastries that perfect all – round crispness. Dragons Den Quickachips

The basket allows more even contact with the heat of the oven & therefore avoids soggy foods. Ideal for BBQs & gives you control over your cooking: no more losing kebabs, sausages or vegetarian food to the coals! Plus they are freezer & dishwasher safe.

Even Masterchefs need a bit of help!

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