Our Garment Rails just got bigger… and so can yours!

Brilliant news for anyone who wants to increase the size of their Garment Rail, the latest products in our Garment Rail Range will do just that. These Conversion Kits will convert a standard single top rail garment rail into a double top rail garment rail.

heavy duty clothes railsThat means you can now easily double the hanging space available to you! This is yet another step in providing you with the most Adaptable Garment Rails possible.

Our double top rail brackets and extra rail package includes the components needed to convert a standard single top rail garment rail into a double top rail garment rail.heavy duty garment rails

Simply remove your current single top rail, attach the 2 new brackets, one on each side and then place your existing top rail and the new top rail in place and you have doubled your hanging space! This package includes one top rail and 2 x end brackets. Check them out and maximize your space!

Don’t forget there are also other options available for increasing the size of your rail. We know you want a rail that will adapt with your changing needs, which is why many of our rails can now be purchased with Height Extension Pieces and adjustable Centre Rail, thus allowing you to double your hanging space – see a snapshot from one of our newsletters:

The most adaptable garment rail

Heavy Duty Garment RailsWe also have some new additions to our rails with the 3ft Bespoke Custom Coated Pink Garment Rail for anyone wanting to add some colour & style to their room! It’s now also available with 3 and 4 inch heavy duty castors. 

Functional, adaptable and great to look at… check out our Garment Rails and Accessories to begin creating your own Rail!

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