Need to transport clothing? You need a Garment Carrier

Travelling these days can be challenging especially if you need to take clothing that can’t or shouldn’t go in your suitcase. If you need to take a dress or suit with you, the best option is to use a Travel Garment Carrier.

The worst scenario when using a garment carrier is the handle snapping so make sure you choose one that is very robust, such as the Travel Suit Carrier with Extra Strong Handle. This design features an extra strong and robust reinforced handle so preventing such a problem!Suit Bags as hand luggage

The range of Deluxe Suit Carriers are also ideal, with two strong reinforced carry handles,  a large zipped pocket which can be used for shirts and/or accessories and a metal grommet for hanging and a clear pocket to hold your business card / address details. Made with a strong polyethylene fabric on the outside which is both water resistant & spongeable.

A breathable material is on used on the inside of the cover to let air circulate & maintain your garments. Size : 112 x 63 cms ( approx 44″ x 25″ ) Outside pocket 62 x 29 cms ( 24″ x 11″ ).

Garment CarrierThere are a variety of colours available and the range also includes a longer length for coats / dresses.

Of course there are many occasions when you need a full-length carrier, whether for traveling by car with clothes, salesman’s sample cases, or for special occasions carrying more than one full length item of clothing. Especially for the later this Travel Garment Carrier makes life much easier!

These carriers can hold up to 8 Suits / Dresses! Super strong, it is made in 4oz coated nylon and is water resistant too. The long heavy duty zip is reinforced with twin needle seams and at the top is a thick black cord to keep all the hangers together when carrying the clothes bag. T

here is even an ID pocket on the front. The size details are: Length:  130 cms (50″), Width:   60cms (24″), Gusset:  25cms (10″). One customer reviewed it as:

A fantastic product at a great price.

What more could you ask for?!

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