Need a larger wardrobe? Make your stuff smaller!

If you can’t make your wardrobe larger, then you can make your stuff smaller!

this can be used to prevent moths eating into clothesIntroducing a wonderful way to store your jackets, shirts, coats, dresses etc. The Hanging Vacuum Organiser compresses your clothes safely inside a special bag, which has a seal and a valve into which you place your vacuum hose to extract the air from the bag. This protects your clothes from dust, dirt, moisture, moths and insects (the clothes should be clean before sealing the bag).

It can be wiped clean inside and out, and can be used for many years (although it is recommended that stored items are removed every 6 months for airing). When the bag is opened, air immediately circulates through the item and restores it to its former plumpness.

The size of the standard bag is 105 x 70cm approximately and it takes up to 5kg in weight of clothes. The Standard size is suitable for jackets, suits and tops whereas the Large bag is suitable for longer items such as dresses, coats and long jackets.

The bag creates up to three times more hanging space on crowded wardrobe rails and cupboards! That means up to 3 times more storage space!

What can’t you use them for? They are not suitable for leather, fur or silk material, and should not be used with feather and down filled items or perishable foods. They should be stored away from heat sources such as radiators and water tanks or airing cupboards.

When hanging the bag, it would be best to hang it not with a metal hooked hanger but with a plastic hanger (metal hooks may puncture the bag).

airtight storage bags for clothesIt’s so easy. Gather up your cleaned and dry items, max weight 5kg. Place them on plastic hooked hangers

Next, put the clothes in the bag, attach the hanger hooks onto the large hook which comes with the bag.

Use the special glider to seal the bag.airtight storage bags for clothes

Now unscrew the hanger from the valve. Place the hose from the vacuum cleaner over the valve. Switch on the vacuum cleaner to extract the air from the bag. The bag will compress in seconds.

Replace the main hanger into the valve and now you can hang your clothes up in your wardrobe, or on a clothes rail.  For your convenience we now stock a sturdy chrome 3ft rail and 6ft rail.

airtight storage bags for clothesFinished!

See my previous article about the brilliant and colourful new Shocking Pink Garment Rails, one of the many sturdy clothes rails available for hanging the bags on! Keep an eye out for future inspiration on how to get more storage in children’s rooms and your room too!

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