My Space Saving Mission continues!

I’m on a mission to make sure everyone makes the best of use of all the space in their homes!! I recently mentioned how to get 3 times more storage space in your wardrobe! And now I’ve got a solution for the limited (but incredibly useful) space under the bed.

storage bags zipsOk, you can’t actually increase this space, but you can reduce the size of items you put under there… and that means making use of the brilliant concept of Vacuum Storage!

The Deluxe Underbed Vacuum Storage Chest, which is new to the vacuum storage range, will reduce volume by up to 75%!  Storage bags and boxes for under the bed are great, and will organise what goes under there making it easy to get out and being organised will actually gain you some extra space bags zips

However, for items that you don’t need to get to every day a vacuum chest is ideal. This one is high capacity with a compressible inner bag, and is very sturdy with rigid side panels.  Both airtight & waterproof it has the added benefit of providing protection against moths, bugs, dirt, mildew & odours.

The see-through window allows quick identification of contents and the strong handle makes it easy to pull out. A brilliant invention for neatly storing bulky items under the bed (not intended for storing feathered duvets or perishable goods).   Dimensions: 106 x 45 x 15 cms ( 41” x 17 ½” x 6” approx )

If you also want to make use of vacuum bags in your loft or cellar, the Vacuum Storage Jumper/blanket Volume Reducing Chest is available in large and jumbo size and reduces volume by up to 60%.

storage bags zipsOne large chest contains a vacuum bag with the capacity to store jumpers, pillows, blankets, duvets, sheets and/or t-shirts and then by inserting your vacuum cleaner’s hose into the valve the air is removed from the bag, and just watch the volume of the bag reduce. One Large bag size: 43 x 40 x 26cm

Now you can store your last season’s clothing in smaller spaces. The stackable chest will protect your cottons and woollens against dust, moisture, insects and moths and mildew.

Re-use the chests – open the seal and the stored items recover their original shape and size. You can add more chests in the stack – buy them as you go and add them.

The Jumbo size is 65 x 48 x 28cm. The storage bags will reduce to an uneven shape, depending upon what you put in them. Our chests are stackable, so that you can store multiple bags neatly. Think Small!

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