Looking for a mini boot box? Look no further

If, like me, you’ve started wearing your ankle boots more and more now that the weather is finally warming up, then you may be thinking about the best way to keep them in great shape and store them when not in use. In which case what you are looking for is a mini boot box. Knee boot boxes are great, but ideally for knee length boots obviously! So I thought I’d run through the different ways you can store your smaller boots.

mini boot boxMid Calf Boot Boxes provide not only an easy way to store them, but being transparent means you can see every pair of Boots instantly plus being able to open them from either end means you can take a pair of Boots out of the box without disturbing the stack!

Some women keep most, if not all, of their boots and shoes in their wardrobe, so this provides the ideal stacking solution because you can keep adding to the stack, and when it exceeds 6 or so boxes you can start another stack. Plus they look so good that if you’re running out of wardrobe space you don’t have to hide them away in there – they would make a feature in your bedroom too.

They are even portable too, you can take your box by the handle and travel!mini boot box

The boxes are delivered flat packed, and they are very easy and quick to assemble. They are made of strong transparent polypropylene and are made to last and last. They will accommodate Boots up to size 7. Box size is 36 x 29 x 12cms (14″ x 11 1/2″ x 4 3/4″)

Why not mix the Clear Mid Calf Boot Boxes with the very popular addition to the range the ‘I Love My Shoes’ Mid Calf Boot Boxes?

boot insertsIf you’re just looking to keep your smaller boots in shape then Boot Inserts are what you need. They will keep your boots in immaculate shape and are suitable to tall and short boots because there is a score line, which allows for the Shaper to be reduced in size to fit Ankle Boots.

Again they are available as Clear or with the “I Love My Shoes” pattern. They come in pairs and like many products can be purchased in multipacks for even greater savings.

boot shapersYet another alternative for shapers are the Ankle Boot Shapers. These ones are made of high quality acrylic plastic, are easy to fit into most sizes of Shoe & Ankle Boots and ideal for Footwear with Laces. They’ll keep your boots (or your shoes) in great shape. The dimensions are: Length = 230mm, Height = 190mm, Width = 13mm.

Don’t forget that we have a great promotion at the moment when you buy the above storage boxes in packs of 10 you will receive free of charge a pack of 6 Clear Self-Adhesive PVC Pockets (you can insert your own label or photo and affix it to the box). Also you will receive a pack of 25 sheets of high quality acid free Tissue Paper (which are ideal to use when storing your shoes and boots).

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