Huggable Hangers Review

Huggable Hangers ReviewI mentioned in a previous article “Lovely new space saving hangers now in stock” that there are now even more hangers in the Space Saving Hanger Range, such as the brilliant Huggable Hangers.

A great name and a great product… the name conjures up images of comfort and the hangers live up to this image with their Special Flocked Non-Slip coating to stop your clothes falling off and taking up less of your valuable wardrobe space being ultra thin!

There’s something for everyone in this range with the 4 Bar Non-Slip Huggable Trouser Hanger measuring 45cms wide, 43cm high & only 5mm wide!

One customer revently wrote:

The hangers are stylish and robust, 4 pairs of jeans easily hang on the hangers and the non slip bars make sure they don’t slip off

The Shirt/Tops Huggable Hangers are proving very popular. Measuring 42cm wide & 23cm high, they are the ultimate ultra thin spacesaving hanger, ideal for shirts and tops with a tie / belt bar and extra hook.

One customer commented on the excellent value of this product:

Very pleased good value

And now they are at an even lower price, plus like many other products they can also be purchased in mulipcaks for an even great saving!

Huggable HangerHuggable HangerHuggable Hanger Hook

The Children’s Huggable Hanger (30cm wide & 22cm high) and Suit Huggable Hanger (45cm wide & 25cm high) complete this huggable range and all available in Black and Shocking Pink.

Plus these space savers really show their star quality when bought with the Mini Hooks – a really useful accessory to give you even more hanging space. Very easy to use and again available in Pink & Black.

Find out more about this range of Ultimate Ultra Thin Space Savers

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