How to Pack a Suitcase

Most people think of packing a suitcase as an enjoyable task, building excitement for the holiday… likewise unpacking it is completely the opposite. Whether going on a business trip or on holiday the way you pack your suitcase at the beginning will determine how painful this job is going to be when you return! So in an effort to make sure you start out correctly, here are a couple of tips to reduce the unpleasant task of unpacking!

Firstly, take only what you need! Obvious, but think about it before you begin packing and you’ll find you have more space for items you do actually need! Don’t put heavy items at the bottom – putting them on top of your clothes minimises creases, because your clothes won’t move around so much within the bag.

Fold clothing properly! The best way to fold top is to fold the sleeves into the torso and then in half so you end up with a rectangle. Make this really quick and easy with a Clothing Folder such as the Flip and Fold Shirt Folder. Designed to help you fold and pack Shirts, Blouses and Sweaters easily makes it ideal for travel and storage. Shirt Bags

Use bags to keep items such as shirts looking good. Shirt Bags protect shirts, blouses, t-shirts and other items and are ideal to use for your laundry on the return trip! These are strong and durable bags, useful for storing many other items in your suitcase too!

I always use a Shoe Wash Bag when packing shoes – not only protects your shoes, but also your clothing! Make sure you stuff socks in shoes to make use of otherwise wasted space.Shoe Wash Bag

More on this tomorrow when I’ll go through how to make sure all your other items are packed properly!

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  1. I could not have said it better. This is a topic that is that matters to me and I thought you covered it perfectly. I only just started keeping a blog as well but I’m not especiallycompetent at it yet. Would love to read more of your blog and I’ll absolutely return another time!

  2. Eddy Irby says:

    I don’t normally post to blogs but I enjoyed this post so keep up the good work. -cheers-

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    great post. Thanks for the info!

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