How to Pack a Suitcase (2)

So continuing with the best way to pack a suitcase and certainly the best way to minimise the horror of unpacking a badly organized suitcase when you return! For really small items roll them into small bundles that can squeeze into leftover spaces. Items such as underwear and accessories can be packed using mesh laundry bags, which will save on space. Again these are ideal to use to store all your laundry and other items when returning… saving more time when you get home because you can then sort your washing in your bag when you pack to come home and just place in the machine when you return!Net Washing Bag

Put all folded items in the middle layer in an effort to keep them folded, and try to avoid taking bulky, large items altogether – instead layer your clothes – easier when you get there and for packing too.

Place items you need to be kept flat at the very bottom and remember never pack valuables or items you need to get to quickly in your suitcase. Carry these with you in a secure bag or Money Belt. This one is very strong and has an adjustable belt and soft comfort backing, use it to store all your valuables safely.Money Belt

Of course for the ultimate help when packing a suitcase use Vaccum Seal Bags – such as the Travel Vacuum Seal Bag Pack (2 bags per pack). This is a brilliant product for travelling because it reduces bullk in your suitcase dramatically!

Each pack contains two bags (Large and Medium) which are re-usable clear sealing bags, and all the air can be squeezed out by rolling the bag up. The clothes will retain their original shape and size.

The bag sizes are Large : 28 x 18″ (70 x 45cm) and Medium : 24″ x 15″ (60 x 38cm). Brilliant when you realise you’re taking back more than you went with!! Now things just got a lot easier!

Travel Vacuum BagSo now you’ve packed your suitcase… is there anything else you need to think about before you leave? I’ll run through any essential items that you may otherwise forget later in the week!

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