How to clean and be green!

Started your Spring Cleaning yet? For those of you who still need a little inspiration to get going check out ‘Let the Spring Cleaning begin!’ and later articles for how to get going on what can seem like a very large job! However, it isn’t as simple as tidying and cleaning up as usual anymore, many people now are conscious of being as green as possible, so here are a couple of tips and products that will help.

Pet Hair Remover Sticky Roller BrushObviously vacuum cleaning is a job that can’t be completely skipped, but instead of using it every day why not use some of your own power to get smaller areas clean and for in between days? In many cases this can be easier than getting out the hoover and more effective.

Hand held manual Carpet Cleaners and Roller Brushes are great for these occasions. This is especially true if you’re trying to keep up with removing pet hairs. The Orange CarPET Cleaner is a really useful brush for doing just that – it effectively removes pet hairs from rugs and carpets (I use it frequently on a rug which is favoured by my dog and it is more effective than using the hoover!)

Roller Brushes are equally useful, not only for removing hairs from clothes/carpets but also for harder to clean areas such as sofa upholstery, curtains and when using the paper wrapped around your hand cleans areas a vacuum cleaner never can!

Ok, so you want to reduce the chemicals you use, but you also want to save money. Why not switch your fabric conditioner for the super effective and cheaper Dryer Balls, providing a re-usable, safe, non-toxic & environmentally friendly way to soften your laundry without using chemicals or fabric conditioners. Using fabric softeners and drying sheets can sometimes cause unwanted allergies, but the pink & blue “Tumble Dryer Balls” soften fabrics the natural way. Dryer Balls

They save you money because they are re-usable and they reduce drying time.  All you need to do is place both balls in the tumble dryer on the usual setting. As well as retaining heat, the balls lift washing and increase circulation of air within the machine.  The specially designed nodes physically break down hardness in fabrics created by water when drying, leaving your clothes beautifully soft.

These clever Dryer Balls even reduce the amount of lint (waste fluff) as well as creases and wrinkles – saving you time at the ironing board! And they are anti-static too. They really are an amazing environmentally friendly alternative to fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Want to do some cleaning but don’t want the chemicals? Check out these Gonzo Cleaning Sponges which can be used over and over again! The range includes sponges for removing pet hairs, cleaning the dashboards & upholstery in your car, your Lampshades, Ceiling Fans, Venetian Blinds, Curtains, Computer Screens, Books and more!Gonzo Wine Out Spray

Similarly the E-Cloth Kitchen Pack provides chemical free cleaning for all hard surfaces. Brilliant on stainless steel worktops, glass, chrome, granite & wood.  Perfect cleaning with just water. They save time, save money and are kind to your family and the environment.

Need an emergency heavy duty stain remover? The Gonzo range of red wine, pet and multi stain removers are environmentally safe, don’t smell and are non-toxic…. plus they really work!

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