Essential Holiday Items (2)

Travel Plug

Travel Plug

In a previous article I went through essential holiday items for the journey, but once you get to your destination there are some items that are sometimes overlooked, so to avoid the ‘I wish I’d brought a travel plug with me’ situations I’ll run through some very useful holiday items.

Talking of travel plugs, if you are going to be using your hair appliances and other electrical items on holiday check out the European Adapter Plug, which is suitable for use in most European countries. There is also a UK – USA Adaptor Plug available too.

mini hair straighteners

Mini Hair Straighteners

If you are planning on taking a Hair Straightener with you, consider taking a travel sized one to reduce the weight and bulk in your suitcase. This Travel Hair Straightener comes with Free Heat Resistant Travel Pouch and is available in Pink and Black. It’s small size makes it ideal for travel and they include a UK and European plug. Although compact it doesn’t compromise on quality and are also ideal for curling hair too!

Emergency items to take with you would include a hem fix, such as Velcro® Brand Hem Fix – providing instant repair! Reliable, quick and easy to use each pack contains 20 x 19mm x 50mm sticky strips. That’s your hem fixed but what do you do if your new (or old but normally reliable) swimsuit lets you down and the underwire starts poking out? Not really ideal when it’s the one time you wear it over and over again! The solution is to take The Bra Angel: Instant Bra Repair Kit with you – not just for underwear it will solve your underwire problems for your swimsuit or bikini too!

One problem that affects most people when they go away to warmer climates, are mosquitoes. Sometimes this can cause real problems on your holiday – most people (like myself) have stories of uncomfortable and itchy mossy bites! Avoid this by preparing for the worst before you go… take an effective mosquito repellent with you, so you have it for immediate use!

Insect Repelling Wristbands, such as the Bug Band are the easy & effective way to repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats etc. You can wear them on wrists, ankles, belt loops or backpacks. They are water resistant and deet free so safe for the entire family. Plus they can provide effective protection for up to 120 hours. Being so small makes them ideal to take away with you… and the easiest way to protect yourself.

Mosquito Ball

Mosquito Ball

If you are camping or staying in a villa you should think about also taking some Citronella Tea Lights or an Anti Mosquito Ball such as ‘Mos Away’ which contains 75% Citronella – a natural mosquito repellent – and 25% IR3535 which is a very active repellent of mosquitos, flies and wasps. It generates a one metre protection field and is particularly effective in small spaces such as cars, tents, caravans, sleeping bags etc. (It’s also ideal for those summer barbeques to keep the pests away.)

Happy Holidays!

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