Yikes!… what to do when your colours run!… plus NEW LOWER PRICE on Dylon Colour Catcher!

Last month I told you that we are now stocking some brilliant Dylon products in my article “Catch the colour and save your clothes”, but no doubt you will be glad to hear about another product in the range – Colour Run Remover (especially if you have just washed your clothes and they’ve come out of the wash not the colour they went in!!!) Is it possible to turn back the clock? We’ve all been there, in a mad rush to get the wash on you don’t notice the one item that’s going to ruin your other clothes, but now in most cases this can be resolved with the Colour Run Remover.Dylon Colour Run Remover

It can restore fabrics to their former glory and its pH balanced COLOURSAFE formula means colours, whites and delicates like wool and silk can be treated together safely with beautifully fresh results. Colour runs can be a thing of the past with DYLON Colour Run Remover – it’s the easy & effective way to remove colour runs because:

•    Colour safe
•    PH balanced
•    Pleasantly fragranced
•    No need to wash fabrics after use
•    75ml sachets
•    2 sachets per machine use or 1 sachet for use by hand
•    Suitable for all fabrics including delicates

Dylon really are colour experts, but don’t take our word for it – check out the demonstration of their brilliant Colour Catcher product too which is now at a lower price of only £1.99 for a pack of 10 sheets.

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