When the going gets tough… turn to ‘Velcro® Heavy Duty’

Some jobs around the home, in the garage or garden require products with a lot of strength – for example securing tools, torches, large pictures and so on, holding down rugs/carpets, or for use outside to ensure something is going to be able withstand wet conditions. This is where the Velcro® Heavy Duty Range is perfect… such as Velcro® Heavy Duty Stick On Strips.

Velcro Heavy Duty Stick on StripsThese extra strong weather resistant adhesive strips are really sticky & provide a weather resistant adhesive making them ideal for use Outdoors or in damp / wet conditions. Each pack contains 50mm x 100mm x 2 sets.

Also available is Velcro® Heavy Duty Jumbo Pack Stick On Tape, in white & black. Each pack contains 50mm x 5 metres to cut to size and is perfect for the securing of either temporary or permanent items. It has a 50% stronger closure & adhesive than regular hook & loop and can be used both in & outdoors because of the water resistant adhesive. So strong it will hold up to 7kg per 50mm length (depending on condition of surface & correct application). For optimal performance you need to clean and dry both surfaces where fastener is to be applied, peel each fastener from backing tape & press firmly in place. Allow 5 minutes for adhesive to set before attaching the hook to the loop. Adhesive reaches maximum strength after 24 hours.See the site for more details. Velcro Heavy Duty Stick on Tape

These are just a few products in the extensive Velcro® range… see the site for many more >>

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