What Women Want!… don’t forget Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is held exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday, and was traditionally a time when people visited the church they were baptized in. Today most people still follow the tradition of taking a gift and going to see their own Mother or other mother figures in the family such as grandmothers, but each year we are all often stuck for ideas. Why not check out our Gift Page for inspiration?

I Love My Shoes Shoe BoxThere is something for all ages and how nice would it be to give a present that is both beautiful and practical?! Check out the ‘I Love My Shoes’ footwear storage range, which includes Boot Inserts, Knee and Calf Length Boot Boxes and Shoe Boxes. They look so good that you don’t have to hide them away in your wardrobe – they make a feature in your bedroom and can be mixed with the many other colours available in the footwear storage range.

Mini Straighteners You can open them from either end, which means you can take a pair of Boots out of the box without disturbing the stack and you can see the contents instantly! Practical and great looking!

Our Travel Hair Straightener has proved a big customer favourite. These mini straighteners come with a Free Heat Resistant Travel Pouch and are available in Pink and Black. A top selling product it comes highly recommended:

” …Great for travelling, handbag size and above all very easy to use … they are also ideal for curling hair.  They can be used on men, women and children, especially on short hair.  At Hair on Broadway salons we would recommend the Travel Mini Hair Straightener to absolutely everyone – in fact in our professional opinion it’s the must have tool !  ” (Clive Collins,  Director of Hair on Broadway,  winners of three of the most coveted accolades at the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards 2008/9)

For the ultimate in practicality the Bra Angel: Instant Bra Repair Kit is a must. It is now one of our top selling products – a customer recently told us:

“At last a product that is simple and completely effective, many thanks. I am giving them out as presents to prove the point”.

No doubt many will have heard about this brilliant little invention being featured on:Bra Angel
• The Dragon’s Den
BBC News & video
• BBC Newshour
• Marie Claire magazine
• BBC 2
• The One Show
• Mail Online & Daily Mail
• Clothes Show Live 2009

It’s no wonder it has had so much press, being a fantastically simple & effective product to repair underwired bras and a must have repair kit for the Handbag. See my previous article on the many benefits of this and other Bra Angel products that make great gifts for all women: Make Your Bras Work Harder with New Products in the Bra Angel Range!

Whatever you get for your Mother this year, and even if it isn’t on time, we all know that what women really want is to see you with the gift!

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