What do YOU say about our Sticky Roller Brush?

Pet Hair Roller BrushRecently I told you the many reasons why our Pet Hair Removers are so popular and the importance of the handle on the Best Selling Pet Hair Sticky Roller Brush “It’s all in the handle”.

However, you would probably prefer to hear why we are the home of the Sticky Roller Brush from people like yourselves.

So here’s what you are saying:

“No matter what pet you have, if it roams around the house it will leave hairs. I have used this product for years on clothes and soft furnishings. It is so easy to use and effective for removing pet hairs, great value for money. A five star buy.

I have bought a number of different pet hair removers in the past and at long last this one is the best where the handle stays firmly attached to the roller without the roller flying off the handle as has happened to me in the past, so I will recommend this product 100%.

“Refill for Brush – Absolutely wonderful

“Fantastic product. I have 2 cats which seem to shed incessantly. I have used rollers from Ikea and Asda (Korbond). Yours is far superior in terms of the length of time the stickiness lasts, and how much fur is picked up. These sticky rollers work great at removing my cats’ loose fur.  P.S. And the 20 refill and a free loaded roller handle is excellent value for money.

An excellent product, I’ve been using them for ages purchased through my local dry cleaners but now I buy them direct which is much better as I get the quantity I want at a better price and its direct which I prefer. Fast and efficient service, items arrived well packaged and are perfect for getting fluff and pet hair off your clothing or anything else for that matter!!

If you spend more than £25.00 (excl. p&p) we will send you a FREE 7.5 metre Sticky Roller Brush worth £4.50* so you can see for yourself why people are talking about this product!

*UK only

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