Want a FREE Lint Roller?

Many satisfied customers know why our Lint Rollers are so popular – they know…

…how quick and easy they are to use

…because they are of superior quality the handle includes a spindle which does the rolling for you – it rolls while you hold the handle, and the result is a smooth, quick and very easy rolling actionPet Hair Remover Sticky Roller Brush

…how economical they are – if you buy a cheap one you may soon realise that it’s a false economy when you come to the end of the roller. The handle won’t be removable and you have to throw out the complete product and start again. If you get one with a removable handle you can buy refills in future, which saves you a lot of money in the longer term and saves the environment too!

…how efficient they are at removing lint & pet hair from clothing & upholstery

…because they are manufactured to our specification they have an extremely sturdy and removable handle, with a super easy rolling action. In the very unlikely event that you need a new handle we offer a Free Replacement Handle Service, which means you’ll only ever need to replace the refills

…the refills last for ages because they contain 7.5 metres (approx. 25 ft) of very adhesive paper, but when you do need a refill, we offer amazing multipack discounts of up to 50% off!!

…want to own one? We are currently offering a FREE LINT ROLLER to the first 100 fans to follow us on Facebook this week

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