The Spring Cleaning continues…

Continuing the Spring Clean, with our now lovely and clean blinds and lampshades, we should start to think about giving other areas of the house a good dust. Most people manage to keep up with a lot of the dusting when doing their regular daily/weekly cleaning, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many areas that have been neglected throughout the year. Out of sight, out of mind is the problem here and you can get a bit of a shock when you see the dust that has accumulated in these out of sight areas – the cleaning of the blinds and lampshades will have proven this! So how can this become a quick and easier task?

Antistaci Telescopic DusterUsing dusters alone doesn’t always do the job and not all feather dusters can get into each and every corner that needs dusting, but this is when a duster such as the ‘Antistatic Duster with Flexible Head & Telescopic Handle’ shows how the correct product can speed up the job.  It picks up Dust, Dirt & Hair like a magnet with it’s telescopic arm that extends to 196 cms ( 77″ ).  It’s versatile – it can also be used as a hand held duster and it’s flexible head cleans hard to reach areas – it can bend to almost any angle, just shake to re-shape the duster head! One customer recently said

“Delighted customer. Ideal for all those hard to reach places and easy to maneuver even when fully extended. Furthermore it was sent to me within a day of ordering.”

Waxed Mini DusterFor anyone who has an allergy which means dusting is even more important the ‘Waxed Mini Dusters’ are recommended by the British Allergy Foundation. They have a baked-on wax treatment and lift dust like a magnet. Long lasting, they are designed for use around the Home, Car & Caravan.

For real traditionalists we have a selection of brand new cleaning brushes, such as the ‘Deluxe 6″ (15cm) Lacquered Wooden Bannister Brush’ and ‘Old Fashioned Split Bristle Height Scrubbing Brush’ which are suitable for general household cleaning and built to last.

Split Bristle Scrubbing BrushWith the dusting out of the way how about tackling some areas of the kitchen which are often neglected? When was the last time you cleaned the sink plug hole or overflow? Take a look and you’ll no doubt notice this is one area that is often overlooked. We may all clean our sinks regularly but don’t bother with this because it’s so difficult. With a proper Sink Cleaning Brush you can effectively clean this hard to get to area! The ‘Twisted-in-Wire Sink Cleaning Brush’ has stiff bristles and is perfect for the job… plus it’s manufactured in the UK. If you’re thinking of giving the fridge a good clean too, make the job easier with a cloth which can soak up condensation – ‘The Wonder Shammye Cloth’ is a super absorbent cloth so is naturally ideal for use when defrosting the fridge (it has many other uses too – I use it to dry my dog’s paws when I’ve washed him before coming into the house and mopping up around his water bowl!)

More enjoyable than the big clean up (most things are!) is the big tidy up – storing away Winter clothing and bedding is actually a good job to do because it begins the process of making you aware that warmer weather may be on it’s way! Duvets need to be changed soon and footwear and clothing which was packed up last year needs to think about making an appearance. So next week I’ll take you through the process of storing everything properly to ensure it’s in tip top shape for when you next need it.

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