Get your boots in shape with boot shapers!

Boots come in many different styles, sizes and designs… absolutely essential in Winter, not only because of the way they can transform an outfit, but you can’t beat them when it’s cold outside (or when it’s slippy underfoot) and you want something that looks good and keeps you warm (and stops you slipping too!)

Boot ShapersHowever, once Winter is over and you can begin to think about wearing more lightweight clothing and footwear they can become difficult to store. Not only that, the price of them means they are quite an investment that you want to keep in great condition for years to come. Store your boots properly and you’ll get lots more years of service out of them!

Correct storage means using boot shapers to prevent creasing and cracking and you won’t find any superior to the new Woodlore Deluxe Boot Shapers. Made from 100% Aromatic Cedar Wood they will make your boots still feel loved when not in use! These beautiful shapers will absorb moisture from boot linings and deodorizes boots too. Ideal for Dress, Riding & Western Boots (H = 45cm W = 9cm D = 8.25cm). They fit women’s boot sizes 36.5 & up and men’s boot sizes 40 to 46. They have adjustable widths and brass knobs for ease of use and are presented in an attractive gift box. Boot Shapers

There are many other shapers available including the very popular ‘I Love My Shoes’ Boot Inserts and Boot Shaping Storage Inserts. See the full range on the site so you can make sure you see your boots next Winter in tip top condition!

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