Clothes Repairs and more with Velcro®

Velcro Sew and Stick TapeI recently wrote about the ways I was making use of the new Velcro® products (such as the Sew & Stick Tape for attaching a blackout blind), but it’s also really useful to have certain items in your sewing kit for dressmaking and repairs. I’ve already mentioned the Hem Fix Kit, which is ideal for instant repairs, but Sew on Tape (plus Anti Snag Sew On Tape) and Iron on Tape are also great for use at home when you don’t need an instant fix.

Velcro Sew On TapeThe Velcro® Sew on Tape is ideal for many Home Furnishing and Dressmaking tasks. It can be used for hand or machine sewing of soft furnishings, garments and more round the home.  Each pack contains 20 mm x 1 metre and is very long lasting and durable.

Velcro Anti Snag Sew on TapeFor fine and delicate materials prone to snagging use the Velcro® Anti Snag Sew On Tape. Each pack contains 20mm x 3 metres ( 1.5 metres closure ).

Velcro Iron on TapeWant to make it even easier? For those who don’t want to (or can’t) sew… try the Velcro® Iron on Tape which is great for non-sew applications. Ideal for repairing and making clothes – use it instead of Buttons & Zips. Each pack contains 16mm x 1 metre.  Need help with your craft projects too?

Find out tomorrow how Velcro® can come to the rescue again!

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