A Nation of Pet Lovers

A couple of days ago I got some great advice from Collienet’s Margaret, who gave me some top grooming tips and dog show information… I now have a house with fewer dog hairs and a lovely smell!

Pet Hair Remover Sticky Roller BrushBeing the home of the Sticky Roller Brush we are naturally interested in all things relating to pets and as a nation of pet lovers I thought many of you may be interested in a programme coming soon to Sky 1 called ‘Pet Nation’. Starting on Friday 26th March at 8pm this brand new programme is a ten part series celebrating our love of our pets. Liza Tarbuck and Huey Morgan are the hosts exploring the many aspects of owning a pet – looking into alternative therapies for your pets, gadgets, home videos, cooking for cats and dogs(!) and stories from around the world. We’re hoping to get more tips on how to care for our pets (and cope with their hairs!) But continuing with our pet theme (and as I’ve recently been grooming my dog more frequently since Margaret’s tips on grooming!), here’s a run down on how to brush a dog!

For small dogs you can use a grooming table, but larger dogs should be groomed on the floor. Ideally start working on one side at a time and in small sections brush against the growth direction – you can prevent matting by parting the hair down to the skin. When both sides have been brushed, finish by working from head to tail in the direction of the hair growth this time. Using a soft-bristled brush at the end will help to distribute the oils to their hairs.

Super Groomer BrushIf like myself you have a dog that is particularly prone to matting you may need to consult a professional groomer (I find that if my dog gets quite matted I have to book a professional groom to get him back to a stage where I can continue my ‘daily’ grooming!) Finishing with a grooming spray will keep the coat nicely conditioned and less prone to matting – and as mentioned in my previous article you can get sprays that smell of Baby Powder too!

For a great little hardworking and gentle brush check out the BRAND NEW Supa Groomer – Essential Gentle Grooming Brush. Not only does it gently groom light dust & hairs from dogs and horses, it can also be used to remove animal hairs from upholstery & carpets. It’s easily cleaned & hardwearing!

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