Garden Bags

Don’t get excited but we’ve now started to see a few patches of sun… and my dog even decided it was warm enough to sunbathe in the garden for an

What’s your tog? When to change your duvet (plus duvet storage solutions)

You may have already begun to do some Spring Cleaning jobs, and there are the usual ones that can get overlooked with day-to-day cleaning – we’ve

Get your boots in shape with boot shapers!

Boots come in many different styles, sizes and designs… absolutely essential in Winter, not only because of the way they can transform an outfit, bu

Want a FREE Lint Roller?

Many satisfied customers know why our Lint Rollers are so popular - they know... quick and easy they are to use ...because they are of supe

The Spring Cleaning continues…

Continuing the Spring Clean, with our now lovely and clean blinds and lampshades, we should start to think about giving other areas of the house a goo

Can it! How to store food safely

Being keen on making sure I use everything that I open – the can of beans that I didn’t quite finish, the juice I’ll drink later etc… and ensu

Let the Spring Cleaning begin!

It’s official… it’s now Spring! Cleaning may be the last thing on your mind when you think of Spring, but throughout history people have taken a

Baby Wooden Hangers and more…

It can be difficult finding good storage products for small items of clothing, such as accessories and baby and children’s clothes, but luckily I ha

Use the best products to keep everything tidy!

In preparation for the big Spring Clean Up you may want to think about starting the long overdue task of storing away everyday items in the kitchen, u

When the going gets tough… turn to ‘Velcro® Heavy Duty’

Some jobs around the home, in the garage or garden require products with a lot of strength – for example securing tools, torches, large pictures and