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Great products speak for themselves. Your reviews tell us which products are the most popular and also give us valuable feedback to ensure all products live up to our high standards. Importantly reviews also give you an insight into which products are best for you, and reassurance that it isn’t just us doing the talking! Check out the following reviews mentioned in our latest newsletter (see it here), which is always full of great home solutions and special offers.

Telescopic Radiator Towel RailTelescopic Towel Rail
This deluxe adjustable chrome finish Radiator Towel Rail is flat packed with easy assembly. Non-slip protective caps prevent scuffing your radiator. This is a really useful rail to use around the house – it’s brilliant when you are short of space and is great for drying wet clothes and towels. The width of the rail extends from 39cms (15 1/ 4″) to 67cms (26 1/4″).

Colibri Natural Anti Moth Hanging Sachet with LavenderAnti Moth  Haning Sachet
Made from 100% natural botanical essences the sachets will be effective for up to 6 months. It is recommended that 1 – 2 sachets are hung for each metre of wardrobe rail.

Pet Hair Remover Sticky Roller Brush
Pet Hair Sticky Roller Brush

The very best Sticky Roller Brush available. Designed to remove Pet Hair & fluff from Clothing, Carpets, Car Seats, Upholstery and manufactured to our specification. An easy to use and sturdy handle with 7.5 metres ( approx 25 ft ) of very adhesive paper. The removable handle means you can use our refills when you finish the roll – refills have great multi-pack discounts. This is the ultimate fluff remover! See our previous blog articles.

Non-Slip Hanger for Knitwear, Jackets, Shirts & Blouses
Non slip hanger
With a chrome hook and available in 3 colours: White, Black & Cornflower Blue. These non-slip hangers are 38.5 cms ( 15″ ) wide. They prevent hanger marks on your clothes and the slimline design means you can fit more in your wardrobe.

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