The many uses of Velcro® products

With so many Velcro® products now added to our site I wanted to go through the many different uses over the next week. My previous article ‘The Velcro Line Up’ mentioned the marvelous Hem Fix Kit but I wanted to talk about how to get through your household ‘to do’ lists with the help of these products.Velcro Sew & Stick Tape

Velcro Sew and Stick TapeI may as well start with myself… I’ve managed to tick a few ‘to do’ boxes with some free time over Christmas and I’ve used Velcro® to help me… how? Attaching blackout fabric to the window in my little one’s bedroom – easy when you know how but even easier when you know about Velcro® Sew & Stick Tape. Simply sew the loop tape to your fabric and stick the hook tape onto the hard surface, in this instance the window frame, and hey presto, you’re done!…  easy to sew and easy to launder. Fed up with never having a pen to hand when on the phone, I’ve now fixed a pen onto the side of the phone using Velcro® Stick On Coins… never again should I be scrambling about for a pen for messages (so long as everyone else puts it back there!)Velcro Tidy Cables

The new Velcro® ‘Tidy Cables’ Kit helps with the ‘Cable Spaghetti’ problem that most of us have. You can use it to bundle, secure and tidy messy wires and cables. For really bulky cable there is a cut-to-size self-gripping tape and all components are reusable and can be opened and closed 1000s of times. Each pack contains:
•    Self Gripping Tape Black 30mm x 1m
•    Adjustable Ties Black 12mm x 20cm x 3
•    Sticky Back Cable Wrap Strips White 60mm x 10cm x 2
•    Removable Adhesive Cable Clips Opaque Small x 8

Also part of the Cable Management Range are Velcro® Coloured Adjustable Ties. They are designed to keep hazardous wires behind PC’s & TV’s etc under control & away from mischievous hands. Very simple – just wrap & press to secure.

Now there’s no excuse to start ticking off your ‘to do’ lists – more on this later in the week.

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