The Velcro® Line Up…

Velcro Hem  FixHousehold jobs are called chores for a reason! But if you can find the correct products to help, you also find that these tasks become a doddle. Many such products often have one thing in common – Velcro®. It has been around for a long time, with the invention of the ‘hook-and-loop’ fastener in 1941, being named Velcro® from a combination of the French words velours (or velour) and crochet (or hook). The Velcro brand name is now used to describe all similar products. The hook side is covered in tiny hooks which catch the loops on the other side and so holding the pieces together.

Hem FixSeemingly so simple, and so many uses, in fact so many that we now have a whole range of Velcro® products.  I’ll be looking into the many uses of Velcro® in future articles, but one of our most popular products in this range is the Hem Fix Kit. (See it in action on trouser hems and shirts by clicking on the images.)

Hem Fix for Shirt RepairNot everyone thinks of Velcro® being used for tasks such as fixing a hem, but this really useful repair kit is ideal to keep in the handbag / briefcase for those times when you wish you had an instant repair, such as at work, on a night out or an important function. Like other Velcro® products, it’s also extremely useful around the home being ideal for clothing, soft furnishings & craft projects.
It’s strong, reliable, quick and easy to use and each pack contains 20 soft & flexible sticky strips (19mm x 50mm). This is a very reliable product, which won’t let you (or your hem!) down.

Keep an eye on future articles to see the many other products in the Velcro®  line up!

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