Get your shoes shining!

Your shoes say a lot about you! Some people think nobody will ever notice their shoes because they never look down at feet, but they’d be wrong because there’s no point looking fabulous in your new dress or suit when you’re wearing uncared for shoes on your feet!

Woodlore Shoe BrushKeep them in tip-top shape by using a shoe brush with horsehair bristles, such as the Deluxe Woodlore Cura Shoe Shine Brush. Great quality with a hardwood handle and 100% Horsehair bristles. Use it with our Woodlore Cura 100% Horsehair polish dauber.  These Horsehair Brushes are inherently softer with a natural degree of slight warmth that will give a better shine & finish.Woodlore Shoe Polish Dauber

To maximise the life of your shoes you should always use cedar shoe trees to maintain the shape of the shoe & eliminate creasing. Cedar shoe trees are especially good because they absorb moisture & deodorise the shoes at the same time.

A good tip is to leave the shoe tree in the shoe when you clean them because it enables the polish to get into the creases. Also remember to try not to wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days – give the leather time to relax & remain in good condition.

Find out about cleaning your suede footwear in my article tomorrow!

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