The Lint Remover Challenge continues!…

Continuing on from our Challenge last week (The Lint Remover Challenge), here are some more uses for the Mighty Lint Remover – keep sending in your tips and uses so we can pass them on to other customers!

>> It doesn’t need to be restricted to the house for cleaning fabrics/upholstery… people spend so long cleaning their house that the car becomes neglected, partly because hoovering it seems like too onerous a task! Lint Rollers are ideal for picking up the debris, dust and hairs from the seats and foot well.

>>Staying in the car, use it on the dashboard and glove box too – you don’t need to restrict it to the handle, wrap some paper around your hand to get to the ‘impossible to get to’ areas. I do exactly this when cleaning my son’s high chair!

>>In the same way as cleaning mud dropped from wellies when going out, it’s great at cleaning the area where shoes are stored

>>Great at removing very small particles – it’s especially useful when you have dropped something that can be dangerous to pets and small children especially – such as glass. Notoriously difficult to clean up because of the tiny particles that you obviously can’t see… if you use your lint roller over the floor it will pick up the really small pieces that you don’t even notice are there

>>Having a good clean out of your cupboards and drawers? The trick of tearing off some of the paper and using it wrapped around your fingers to get into the edges and corners works wonders here… leaving your drawers brilliantly clean and ready for your nicely ordered items!

>>In a similar fashion use it to clean your handbag and purse – one of the most therapeutic tasks for some women is emptying and tidying out their bags… well now you can get it nice and clean before refilling!

Keep the tips coming! More to follow soon….

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