Love lavender? You’ll love these…

Home products that serve a dual purpose are a real find so you’ll be pleased to know that we have recently added a selection of products that are no

You do the talking… customer reviews

Great products speak for themselves. Your reviews tell us which products are the most popular and also give us valuable feedback to ensure all product

The many uses of Velcro® products

With so many Velcro® products now added to our site I wanted to go through the many different uses over the next week. My previous article ‘The Vel

How can you take care of your suede and boots?

If you never really know what shoe care product to get when you purchase your shoes – and as usual are faced with various options even before you le

Get your shoes shining!

Your shoes say a lot about you! Some people think nobody will ever notice their shoes because they never look down at feet, but they’d be wrong beca

The Lint Remover Challenge continues!…

Continuing on from our Challenge last week (The Lint Remover Challenge), here are some more uses for the Mighty Lint Remover – keep sending in your

We have a great new Shoe Box Colour Selector!

We have made it even easier to find the colour you want when choosing your Shoe Box… with four quick and simple steps to buying your shoe boxes, you

The Velcro® Line Up…

Household jobs are called chores for a reason! But if you can find the correct products to help, you also find that these tasks become a doddle. Many

How can you get the most out of your Garment Rail?

I recently mentioned the importance of the strength of a Garment Rail - "How many people can one Garment Rail Support?", but what is equally important

Update from yesterday! Lovely new space saving hangers now in stock!

Yesterday I mentioned all our great space saving hangers in my article “Struggling for wardrobe space? Problem solved with our brilliant space savin