Sort your washing before the wash and save time after!

So I recently wrote about the mismatched socks problem and how Little Feet Sock Pairers are the brilliant little product that ensures no more hunting about to pair up socks after the wash, but what about other items you put in your wash? Well if you already use washing bags for your lingerie to protect them during the wash, why leave it there? Net Washing BagsWith lots of bags available now, not only will they protect your clothes, lingerie and more, but they can also save time on sorting once the wash is done. With the many varieties available there is nothing that can’t be bagged! – they’ll protect delicate clothing with sewn on beads and sequins for example, not just in the washing machine but the tumble dryer too. They’re great for shared washes – for families or students sharing a house for example.

The Caraselle Household Pack of Net Washing Bags consists of 6 items and when purchased in this special pack will save you 15%. This Family Pack will help protect all of your laundry and includes:

  • Childrens Net Wash Bag
  • Small Net Washing Bag
  • Large Net Washing Bag
  • Extra Large Net Washing Bag
  • Lingerie / Bra Net Washing Bag
  • Shoe & Trainers Net Washing Bag

Don’t ever sort after the wash again!

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