Save on bills the simple way

The best home to come to on these cold winter nights, is a warm one… if you can have a lovely smell greet you when you open the door more the better.

Draught excluders have been around for a long time, but many people don’t even think of using these very effective and yet very simple methods of keeping the warmth in your house. draught excluderWith a Woodlore Breeze Blocker Deluxe Draught Excluder, not only can you keep out draughts and save on those expensive heating bills, but because it emits a fresh, natural scent of Cedar you get two in one! It’s heavy so it stays in place and is 94 cms (37”) in length and 12 cms (4 ¾”) in width. Available in a beige material with dark brown trim and comes with an integral hanging hook.

Keep things simple (but effective) this Winter and save money on those bills!

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