Refilling your Pet Hair Roller Brush

You may remember in a previous article I mentioned why the handle of a Lint Roller is so important… owning a roller with a removable handle provides the ability to use refills to keep future costs down, but this is not much use if the refills themselves aren’t up to scratch. So equally important is the quality of the refill itself.

You may think all refills are the same, but in fact the peeling of the adhesive sheets varies and it does make a big difference when you want to quickly peel away the sheet for a fresh layer. Good quality refills mean you can easily peel the sheet down to the next layer.

Our Pet Roller Refills are of a very high quality, manufactured to our specification. Many refills have about 4 metres of paper, but ours are long, long lasting with 7.5 metres – that’s about 25 ft!! of very adhesive paper.

You can save up to 50% when you take advantage of our multipack discounts too!

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