Need to hang your clothes up when travelling?

Don’t get caught out when you’re travelling or when staying at a hotel (when you get there you realize that they have only provided a couple (or no) hangers in the wardrobe to use for the duration of your holiday!) You can easily travel and maintain a none-creased appearance without carrying a bag full of heavy hangers! Inflatable hangers are brilliant for exactly these situations.
inflatable hangers
They take up hardly any space in your suitcase and are very versatile whether you’re travelling or at home. Use them to dry your knitwear or delicate garments and keep them in perfect shape because they won’t get any peg or hanger marks. They’re useful for general drying purposes also when you don’t have enough hangers for this purpose, but also don’t have the space to keep extra hangers.!

This Inflatable Hanger measures approximately 45 cms long x 10 cms wide and is available as a pack of 2 in white or grey flock. Never get caught out again! – you can now stay stylish when on your holiday without using up your valuable luggage space!

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