Keep your boots in tip top shape this Winter and beyond!

No doubt like most people your boots are being used a lot in the current weather conditions… and most women have many boots! Going out boots, boots to wear with trousers, knee length boots for skirts and the ‘I just need to not slip’ boots (especially in snow and ice).

clear knee length boot insertsYou need to keep your boots in great shape if you want them to last and due to their size they can be difficult to store – which is often a problem with knee length boots especially. You can keep them in immaculate shape with Boot Supports. Most popular are supports for knee length boots such as Clear Knee Length Boot Shaper Inserts. These come in pairs and these are offered in packs of one pair and five pairs. They are suitable for Tall Boots and also Ankle Boots, because there is a score line that allows for the Shaper to be reduced in size to fit Ankle Boots. I Love My Shoes Boot InsertsThey are very strong – made of high quality polypropylene.

  • A modern way to store & protect your boots
  • Keeps your boots in immaculate shape
  • Keeps boots rigid and in shape so boots don’t get marked
  • Suitable for both Tall and Ankle boots
  • Manufactured in the UK

If you love your shoes and boots, you’ll also love the ‘I Love My Shoes’ range which includes Boot Supports.

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