Extend the life of your knitwear!

I mentioned in my last article the best ways to defuzz your knitwear from unsightly bobbles… but it doesn’t end there. If you really want your winter warmers to last then you must think about the best way to wash them.

Washing Bags protect delicates from the vigorous action of the wash cycle and allows items that would otherwise be damaged by the machine to be gently machine-washed. They should allow dissolved soap & water through but not dye, such as this “I Love My Wool” Microfibre Wash Bag, which is made of a unique semi-permeable fabric. cashmere and pashmina shampooThis new Microfibre material protects Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Mohair, whilst in the washing machine. It can also be used to wash Silk, Lingerie, Trainers & Lycra-type hi-tech sports clothes. It protects the life of your washing machine, is environmentally safe and energy efficient, good for skin conditions and can be used to wash at higher temperatures if required.

If you need to handwash certain items make sure you use a suitable shampoo – such Cashmere & Pashmina Shampoo with a unique blend of natural ingredients especially formulated for handwashing Cashmere & other delicate fibres. It comes in a 250ml recyclable bottle.

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