Don’t let storage or moths become a problem on your next caravan or motorhome adventure!

I’ve already mentioned how limited storage space in your wardrobe can be solved with space saving hanger bars and hotel security hangers, but what do you do about items you need to take but don’t use all the time? If you’re lucky enough to be going away for more than a couple of weeks you certainly need to be prepared and that means taking more than you may like! This doesn’t need to be such a problem when you take storage bags – and especially vacuum storage bags – with you. Vacuum bags have the capacity to store jumpers, pillows, blankets, duvets, sheets and/or t-shirts and then by inserting your vacuum cleaner’s hose into the valve the air is removed from the bag. Get the bag ready before you go for anything you may need later on your journey. There are many available including: the Large Vacuum Storage Jumper/blanket Volume Reducing Chest and Large Underbed Vacuum Storage Chest.

Travel Vacuum Bags are also available which are great for reducing bulk in your suitcase. These are two bags (Large and Medium) which are re-usable clear sealing bags, and all the air can be squeezed out by rolling the bag up so brilliant for travel. The clothes will retain their original shape and size. If you don’t require the vacuum style of storage you will still need to keep everything easily accessible and for this you can still use storage bags generally. Oblong Storage ChestThe Oblong Storage Chest is made in a strong see-through Peva material with a nylon zip & two polyester carry cords. Ideal for sweaters & blankets… but if you need a bag which you can squash into whatever space you have available then the Peva Zip Up Storage Bag is ideal. Made of heavy guage clear Peva with a zipper, the bag measures 60 x 40 x 20 cms (23.5.x 15 3/4 x 8″) – because it doesn’t have rigid sides you can fill it up a bit more and still squash it into a small space! All these bags are moth resistant which is a must and brings me onto how to keep moths at bay!

For clothing protection Clothes Moth Traps are designed to be hung in clothing storage areas, are simple to assemble and installed in seconds. Lasting for approximately 6 weeks from activation, they are easy to use and there are no chemicals. Apart from clothes protection Anti Mosquito Balls provide excellent protection… they generate a one metre protection field which makes them particularly effective in small spaces such as cars, tents, caravans, sleeping bags etc. – also ideal for those barbeques to keep the pests away.Cedarwood balls Caravanning4u provides great advice on the problem of moths such as using string bags to place five or six mothballs in four bags and depositing one in each corner of the caravan. Cedar wood is of course the natural moth repellent with a wonderful aromatic fresh fragrance and natural cedarwood balls are ideal for this.

For more useful caravan and motorhome accessories and inspiration visit Caraselle Direct – an online shopping website full of great storage solutions and homecare products.

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